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4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Review || Fat Burning Nutrition Secrets

4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution Review || Fat Burning Nutrition Secrets

Are you tired of all the different types of diet plans that pop up all over the place? I know I am…

How many different ones are there now? There is the fruit diet, a juice diet, high protein, high carb, low carb, Paleo…

It is enough to make your head explode!

So instead of just pointing you in the direction of the different products out there, I am jumping in to give them the once over and lend my experience to the fray. 

I have had my own ups and downs with diets…just like you I keep looking for the best way to burn fat and still enjoy eating.

Let’s face it, dieting sucks and people have a hard time sticking to it. So I decided to take the time to look at some of these programs out there for you.

Now…I am going to be honest about these reviews…if I find something I don’t like you can bet I will mention it.

Today I am going to talk about the 4 Cycle Solution.

What is one of the worst things about diets? It has to be either the feeling of hunger you have while on one or the yo-yo effect that takes place so often after you get off one.

These are two big issues that I have faced and I bet that you have too. It can be hard to stick to your guns and not eat when your body sends so many signals that it NEEDS to eat! Even worse is getting into peak condition and then watching your body balloons back up in size.

According to the creator of the 4 cycle solution, he has figured out how to solve both those issues.

A Real Review

Just to be clear… I really want to find the best ways to get ripped just like you do.

I am doing the 4 Cycle Solution Review because I think people should get feedback from others who have actually looked the material over.

Let’s look at the program…

One of the core concepts is using what the creator calls, ‘adaptive response’ along with a big focus of working with the metabolism and hormones instead of against them.

He has the idea that you can trick the body to use fat as a primary source of energy first, which is a common low carb approach.

…but…carbs are muscle sparring, meaning they help prevent your body from breaking down lean muscle tissue for energy. So he wants to trick the body to burn more fat which involves less carbs, but also knows you need to use carbs to preserve muscle.

This leads to what he calls…macro-patterning. This is a specific mix of carb-cycling. The concept involves mixing in lower carb days with higher carb and cheat days.

The days are based around a schedule so you have some days you are burning more fat and others where you can re-stock and have lots of energy for workouts. This allows you to overcome the adaptive response.

That means you are constantly manipulating your body’s response to the food intake so it never switches into ‘starvation mode’ but instead keeps itself in fat burning mode more often. This allows you to skips a lot of sticking points other diets might run into.

The other big advantage is that you can still eat foods you like. In fact, his diet plan actually include eating something bad to help prime the pump for the following days of fat burning…talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Now the name of the product is the 4 Cycle Solution so obviously the program has 4 different phases you have to go through.

The first cycle has a hefty goal of losing 5 to 15 pounds in 7 days as you reprogram and fix your metabolism. From there you move to the 2nd and 3rd cycles to adjust your body to the program and then accelerate fat loss.

The 4th cycle is the Diet Break or maintenance phase…this is my favorite because you hit cruise-control to stay nice and lean for life baby!

So does it work?

On paper it looks very promising. Yes, I know that isn’t the best answer, but the truth is that not every diet will work for every person because everyone is different.

However…his concepts seem to be very sound. The program is extremely detailed, very well thought out, and follows many core principles that nutritionists have been following for many years about how the body stores and burns fat under given conditions.

Plus he gives you cheat days to eat certain foods…one thing that can be a big drawback with other diets is the ‘feeling’ of being so limited in what you can eat which makes you want to fall off the wagon.

Basically you have a guy, Shaun Hadsall, who has been ripped for years. He has gone through the ups and downs of getting shredded and was tired of that journey.

So the man who was voted America’s Most Fit Health and Fitness Pro in 2008 and has been on numerous magazine covers and TV shows worked his ass off to give us this program.

The biggest thing I like about this program is how complete it is. First of all, you get a ton of information…this guy does not half-ass it.

The entire program is covered in a very specific and in-depth overview. Then each cycle is broken down with the why’s as well as the how’s.

Shaun’s material is educating you AND telling you how to do it that doesn’t leave room for errors.

Of course that is great compared to some programs that just give you a few pages of information and turn you lose…not the 4 Cycle Solution.

No, you get a ton of information so you really know what you need to do and exactly how to do it.

…but…there is always a but…I have to admit that I didn’t like everything about the program.

While he provides the basic formulas and ideas of stuff to plug into meals…there aren’t a bunch of meal options provided. Of course for some people this is probably fine so you can plug in your favorites…but it would be nice to see some pre-done options in case you wanted to whip up dinner for two.

Just like other stuff?

At first I was thinking this would be a combination of a low carb diet and intermittent fasting as a way to cycle your eating patterns…boy was I wrong.

Now to be clear…not everyone is a big fan of a low carb diet. The folks over at WebMD have plenty to say on the subject such as it is not as sustainable over the long term because of, “…the resulting difficulty some people have staying within the limited choices over the long term.” Check it out here

Intermittent fasting is where you alternate between eating one day and completely fasting the next.

While fasting is an interesting route to go, there have not been any specific studies that show the effect of limiting your body in this manner.

People who use the fasting method often gorge after the fasting period to overload their body with nutrients.

What are people saying?

I think this looks like a good diet option…mainly because how specific it is…a solid blueprint anyone can follow…but what do other people say?

Not a whole lot. Most of the ‘product reviews’ were really just sites devoted to linking to the product and didn’t say anything new. The only serious endorsement I unearthed was from a woman on YouTube you can watch here.

Of course that is just how the internet works these days. Unless you are being sold on Amazon there isn’t exactly a built-in rating system available.

So what do I think?

Honestly this looks like a very solid value and good product. As I keep saying it is very detailed and more knowledge is power.

On top of that…it costs $47 with a 60 day money back guarantee. For that price you get the whole plan plus a checklist and 4 cycle program plus a Food Timing Tricks book and a 7 Day Ab book.

How is that not a good value?

I mean think about it…$47 is like one month at the gym, the cost of a good meal, or how much you spend on groceries for a few days.

If that amount of money can help get you shredded and drop that belly while not being a form of medieval torture then sigh me up! You don’t even need 60 days to see if it works…you should know after just a few weeks.

Plus it is so damn easy. You buy the product online and get an instant download.

There is no book to be shipped…the eBooks are all in PDF form so you can use it on a PC or Mac. That means you can buy it and start the program tomorrow.

Think about it…Shaun said people can expect to lose 5 to 15 pounds in the first week…that means eight days from right now you could be looking that much better.

Who the heck wouldn’t want to try a deal like that?

If you are sick of being skinny-fat or just fat-fat and want to re-train your body to work for you rather than against you, then what are you waiting for?… Click the following link to check it out…


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