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Hello, I Am Selin And In This Text I have Explain About Me . Just a little about how I started working online…

I actually first started selling on eBay back in 2001. Back then it was just about selling anything around the house. In fact, some of the products I sold on eBay went for two to three times the amount I purchased it for. I liked selling on eBay so much I did some research on wholesale companies.

In 2002, I started selling video game systems, games, and accessories. It only took a few months before I became a power seller stated seeing some nice profits. Now I dedicated a whole room for my eBay business. When you have inventory of over a thousand items, it can become time consuming but well worth it. The only main problem I ran into was losing wholesale companies.

In 2004, some of the wholesale companies started to go away for one reason or another once again proving a good thing does not last forever. Now working a full time job with a part time eBay business was a lot of work so I have a decision to make. I chose to stop selling on eBay and would not touch it until late 2005.

In 2005 while looking for a coupon for home depot I came across a ebook called “stop buying home depot coupons sources revealed” now the purchase amount was only five bucks and like thousands had done before I bought it. I quickly opened up a pdf form that was three pages long. Inside it explained what coupon codes where and had like five sites to check out. At first I thought “you spent five bucks for a three page report’ but then I was curious, how many of these short informational reports has the seller sold. To my surprise after checking his feedback, the seller sold over 30 in one month and over 200 for the past six months.

It was like a light came on above my head, I could do the same thing, provide quality information and sell it on eBay. Not knowing where to start; the next few months I spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a solution for training. Then I came across a product that had a price tag of ninety seven dollars. John Thornhills ninety day powerseller challenge was easily the best investment I ever made. I was able to quickly learn about the eBook process and in less then three months in March 2006 I achieved powerseller status once again.

Now three years later I still sell digital products on eBay and currently still hold the powerseller status achievement. I love selling on eBay and personally feel its one of the best ways to get into internet marketing.

Now within the last three years I have been able to step outside of eBay and learn many aspects of internet marketing including affiliate marketing, building websites, email marketing plus much more.

The thing I love selling on eBay and internet marketing, it has been able to provide family vacations to places like Disneyland, Disneyworld, and Hawaii.

Weather you want to one day quite your job or just have that extra money to pay for the car of your dreams, vacations you always wanted or just to pay off those never ending bills, Internet Marketing will be able to help you do it.

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