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Adonis Golden Ratio System  Review || Adonis Golden Ratio

Adonis Golden Ratio System Review || Adonis Golden Ratio

Adonis Golden Ratio Review : Be The Guy With “That Body”

Before launching into what the program is all about, you need to know what it’s based off of. It’s based off of the “attraction ratio”, also known as the Adonis golden ratio – basically, this is the ideal size that each one of your muscles should be in relation to each other so that to the ladies, you’re attractive as possible.

It’s hardwired into their DNA to admire this ratio because back in the day, us men weren’t meant to be exceptionally skinny or exceptionally strong. We had to have a combination of both stamina and strength. We needed stamina so we could work all day and hunt down prey, and then we needed enough strength to fight off rival tribes and predators. Too much strength and we wouldn’t survive… too much stamina and we’d be killed.

The perfect medium between these two attributes is the Adonis golden ratio. You’re lean so that you have the stamina when you need it, but you also have strong back, shoulder, and chest muscles to fight when the time comes. It’s the body that women can’t keep their hands off of.

How the program helps you achieve this ratio

Adonis Golden Ratio (we’ll capitalize it so that you don’t get confused) is all about determining where you’re at, and then giving you actionable steps to take where you’re at and turn yourself into a man with the fabled Adonis golden ratio.

Step 1 – setting the base

adonis golden ratioRight now, you’re currently somewhere, and you’re trying to get to the Adonis golden ratio. The program will give you specific diet and exercise guidelines to follow, but first, you need to input where you’re currently at so that it can get you where you want to be. Get it?

Here’s what you’ll have to input…

  • Age
  • Height and weight
  • Activity level
  • Body measurements

That’s it. The system isn’t too complicated, but it does work.

Step 2 – steps towards the ratio

There’s software included with the Adonis Golden Ratio program, and that software uses an algorithm to get you from your current state to an Adonis golden ratio state. Here’s how it does that.

Exercise routines

In order to get that perfect ratio, you’re going to have to work for it. After all, only the best hunters and gatherers had the golden ratio – in order to put yourself into that elite group, you’re going to have to propel yourself there with the right amount of effort.

Half of the battle is exercise. This makes you gain the right mass on the right areas of your body to achieve the golden ratio.

The other part is diet – you have to get lean. There’s a reason why girls aren’t attracted to the super-strong, almost-not-even-human bodybuilders. They have far too much mass… and with that mass comes a lack in stamina, which girls don’t find attractive. Diet makes you go from “big” to “damn, he’s good looking”.

Diet choices

diet choicesDon’t worry. It doesn’t stick you on a strict diet plan. Those aren’t maintainable… sure, you might do it for a week or two, but you’re never going to do it for the rest of your life.

The “diet plan” in Adonis Golden Ratio can be followed for however long you want to maintain the ratio… because, in all honesty, it’s pretty lax. A ton of work went into it, meaning that there are a ton of options to choose from. In fact, we barely had to change our current diets to follow it. Without revealing too much, it has to do with how much you eat rather than what you eat, if that makes sense.

It spits out an exact diet plan to follow, and you can tweak it until you’re eating what you love every single day.

The next step? Making sure your diet and exercise are going according to plan.

Step 3 – track and execute

You can have the best plan in the world… but if you don’t follow it, then it won’t do anything for you. This negligence is usually caused by not remembering what you specifically need to do for the day. After all, many of us lead busy lives, and we can’t constantly be home on our computers.

The makers of Adonis Golden Ratio recognized this, and they created a mobile app that has everything you need on it. You can do everything from the app, but most people just use it for tracking. It’s as simple as opening up the app and seeing what you should do that day in terms of diet and exercise.

That’s all you have to do. Input your current stats, follow what the software recommends, and boom – you’ll be the guy that girls talk about when they’re talking about “the perfect body”.

Talk with other Adonis Golden Ratio users

talk with othersOne of the coolest parts about the program is that it’s not just an ordinary course… it’s a course where you can also communicate with every other person who’s using it. You can share ideas, get advice, and most importantly, see the results of people who have used it correctly and achieved what you’re gunning for.

It operates similarly to a regular forum, except only those who are actively following the program can participate. If you were on a regular, unregulated forum, you’d be getting advice from anyone and everyone… and a large portion of that advice might not be helpful. Here, you don’t have that problem.

No “tricks” – just work

We mentioned this before. Having a golden ratio doesn’t come easily. You know those statues of the Greek Gods? Their bodies were modeled after this ratio. It’s something to strive for. You won’t become a literal god… but when you start getting eye-f***ed by every girl you pass by, you might feel like one.

That being said, with this work comes results. The last thing you want to do when you exercise is do it inefficiently. There’s no other way to say it – doing that is wasting your time.

With Adonis Golden Ratio, you eat and exercise so that you’re feeling your best all of the time, and on top of that, you get a body that all women are genetically hardwired to admire. The course has been tested and tweaked to eradicate all of the stuff that wastes time – every single word you read will have a purpose.

Click here to download everything and start reading. If you don’t think it lives up to the hype, you can email the creators within 60 days and they’ll issue you a refund within 24 hours. But once you see the community behind it and the success men have had by using it, we’re guessing that you won’t.

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