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Anabolic Cooking Review || The Muscle Cookbook

Anabolic Cooking Review || The Muscle Cookbook

The Anabolic Cooking program by Dave Ruel is said to be resource that could help you develop a meal plan that is great-tasting, easy to prepare and targeted to your fitness goals. According to Dave Ruel, it is a resource designed to have bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts enjoying the right kinds of foods everyday, not resist it. And the less resistance you have, the faster and more effortless it will be to get your muscle and body fat levels to the ideal level. The premise is a great one, but does it stand up to its claims?

In this detailed review, we will examine if this program stands up to its claims.

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What The Anabolic Cooking Program Is All about

Anabolic Cooking is a cookbook and program designed for bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking nutritious and healthy meals/snacks that promotes muscle building and fat loss.

Most men and women who are into bodybuilding and fitness understand that eating right is a critical part of muscle gain and fat loss. While true in general, there are lots of misconceptions that can hurt you. For example, we often assume that the right diet is boring and bland tasting, and “will” ourselves to take on a boring diet. We may also think that preparing meals and snacks on our own is difficult and time-consuming.

Anabolic Cooking is written by Dave Ruel, a competitive bodybuilder, professional muscle building coach and nutritionist. According to him, these recipes adhere to a 3-point criteria:

  • easy to prepare
  • delicious and great-tasting
  • promote muscle building and fat loss

We will going into further details in the next sections why we feel that it’s a claim that Dave Ruel delivers on.

For now, it’s important to note that this product is also not just a recipe book, but a complete program that bridges the gap between having a collection of recipes and getting them into an easy-to-do daily diet plan for maximal results. There are a total of 7 components to this


  1. Main Recipe Ebook/PDF – This contains 200 easy, great-tasting recipes for muscle building and fat loss. Each recipe comes with a breakdown of the amount of calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates in the meal.
  2. Quick Start Guide – A nutritional and kitchen guide that explains the fundamental concepts of anabolic cooking and nutrition to readers. The kitchen guide explains basic cookware, cooking and recipe terminology. Besides being a nutritional tips guide, it also doubles as a kind of a dummies guide to show people who have very limited kitchen experience how to cook.
  3. Pre-Written Sample Meal Plans – Pre-written Lean Muscle Gains Meal Plans and Optimum Fat Loss Meal Plans ranging from 1200 to 5000 calories. These sample plans make it easy to know what to eat each day and for customizing your own meal plans to get results.
  4. Advanced Calorie Calculator – A calculator to determine the calories, protein, carbs and fat you need each day to meet your muscle building and body fat loss goals.
  5. Anabolic Cooking Training And Food Log – A way to keep track of your calories and nutrient intake. After getting the recipes and following a meal plan, tracking is the most critical thing towards any bodybuilder’s goal of that perfect physique. Capturing the right data allows us to improve. This tool is designed to keep this task simple and effective.
  6. The Ugly Truth About Supplements – A report on the supplements that actually work.

In the next section, we review how the components of this program can come together to help bodybuilders looking for muscle gain, fat loss and general good health. If you are ready download the course, click here to begin eating tasty meals for bodybuilding and weight loss with the Anabolic Cooking course (at the safe, official site).

How The Anabolic Cooking eBook/PDF Can Help You


The main PDF ebook consists of 200 anabolic cooking recipes. According to Dave Ruel, these recipes are all delicious and fun, perhaps even similar to what you find in restaurants. It is quite a bold claim at first glance, but after going through the ebook and attempting a number of the recipes, we were really happy with the taste and nutritional value contained in these recipes. It just goes to show how little many of us know about the possibilities of making easy delicious meals that can do wonders for muscle building and fat loss.

To understand the background that allowed for the level of quality evident in this cookbook, Dave Ruel is a competitive body builder who knows all the challenges involved with keeping to a good meal plan that gets results without being boring and hard to do.

Benefit From 4 Years Of Intense Research & Testing

The ebook is a result of 10 years in the making, including 4 years of intensive research and testing. As Dave wrote, all recipes have to be simple to make, good-tasting and helpful for muscle building and fat loss. The benefit of having this ebook is that we tap into the immense know-how and experience of someone who have spent a lot of time discovering how to eat delicious foods that are good for our bodybuilding goals. All without spending a lot of time or money, and being is convenient to do.

A Wide Variety Of Mouthwatering Recipes To Stay Motivated

The recipes include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items. A muscle building diet plan usually calls for eating 6 times during the day, so it’s a good idea to keep things interesting. The recipes published covers all bases from small good tasting snacks to dinner entrees. They also include a wide variety of choices from American, European, Mediterranean to Asian cuisines to suit a wide array of tastebuds. A sample of the kinds of dishes you can enjoy are:

  • High Protein Chocolate Crepes
  • Baked Crispy Chicken Nuggets
  • Beef and Spinach Lasagna
  • Grilled Sirloin Teriyaki
  • Sun Dried Tomato Salmon
  • Shrimp and Avocado Salad
  • Peanut Butter Protein Bars
  • High Protein Granola Bars

A bonus is that these recipes are very healthy in general, so the majority of these meals will also work well for anyone seeking to create a healthy meal plan for everyone in the household.

Short Cooking Time, Easy to Make

The recipes average about 10 to 15 minutes of actual preparation time (cooking time extra). For more experienced cooks, it may be a matter of a few minutes to whip something up. They come in simple steps, usually 3 to 5 steps. These recipes are so simple that novice cooks have little chance of not knowing what to do. These days, we are all pressed for time, so learning a new skill like cooking or spending time in the kitchen are probably not attractive endeavors. The great news is that Dave Ruel’s book does teach readers how to put together a healthy, muscle building meal in a jiffy.

Anabolic Cooking Nutritional Guide & Tips Included


esides the main cookbook, another important aspect of the program is the Quick Start nutrition and cooking guide provided. The quick start guide provides necessary background details so that readers will be able to understand the concepts behind anabolic cooking and nutrition. The basic concepts will provide readers with an understanding of how and why protein, carbohydrates and fat are needed for a bodybuilding regimen. It will help readers pick the right recipes and meal plan. There are also tips for post-workout nutrition.

Kitchen Basics Covered For People With No Cooking Experience

In addition, the Quick Start guide takes anyone who is new to preparing their own meals by hand and teaches kitchen fundamentals, describing the basic cookware and utensils needed. There is also a cooking glossary that explains basic cooking terms like “bake”, “chop” or “dice” used in the recipe book.

While some of this information may be unnecessary for people who can cook, the nutritional concepts, grocery shopping and meal planning tips are likely highly valuable to most readers. Therefore, we recommend anyone going through Dave Ruel’s course to read through this Quick Start guide along with the main recipes ebook.

Pre-Written Meal Plans, Personal Customization Tips Included


A third component of Anabolic Cooking is pre-written sample meal plans. They consist of recommended menus for a full day’s meal from breakfast to dinner that range from 1200 up to 5000 calories. There are sample Lean Muscle Gains Meal Plans and Optimum Fat Loss Meal Plans.

This part of the course really takes the program up a notch, providing readers with a complete solution to get the optimal body building results they need. Having a set of good delicious tasting recipes that help muscle growth and fat loss is great, but stringing them together into a coherent plan of everyday action is another hurdle to cross. These Meal Plans provide a template for readers to follow and implement on a daily basis.

Putting The Recipes Into Everyday Action For Success

You can use the meal plans for a start or as a guide and then customize them further by swapping out some of the sample chosen recipes with others in the main recipe book. In the main cookbook, all recipes include a breakdown of the calories, proteins, fat and carbohydrates that come with the meal. This enables any reader to keep track of their food and macro-nutrient intake. It also helps readers to choose recipes that are most in line with what their dietary goals are.

Dave provides an instructions guide on how to customize your meal plan to enable you to get the physique you most desire. This meal plan guide bridges the gap between having a good recipes book and implementing it into a coherent working nutritional plan to get the body physique that is ideal for you.

A Suggestion

One thing we would have liked to see that wasn’t included, is a summary table that lists all recipes by rows and their calories and nutrient information displayed next to it. This allows any reader to quickly scan through and customize their meal plan. Regardless, all of this information is available in the book, just not in our preferred format.

What People Say About This Cookbook


Is The Anabolic Cookbook Worth The Money?

ac-book-pdfBased on the various components provided in this comprehensive program, we believe the current discount price of $47 is well worth the money spent. It’s a fair price for the help it provides. Here is why:

1. Meet your fitness goals without any bland and boring diets. How many times have we fallen off the wagon on any healthy eating program because of bland foods that are theoretically helpful but a challenge to your tastebuds? There is motivational value in these recipes.

It helps you meet your fitness goals like muscle building or fat loss. Being in shape is not just a case of going through the right strenuous workout routine. Without the right foods and nutrition, you may struggle and falter, never getting it right. As a comprehensive course, it provides you the best cookbook recipes, plus nutrition tips and sample meal plans to clear other obstacles that commonly stand in the way.

2. Benefit from 4 years intense research and development into by a competitive bodybuilder, muscle coach and nutritionist. Learning from the right person can really save you time and disappointment testing and working things out for yourself. Sure there are lots of fat loss or muscle building diet plans you can find on the internet for free, but the danger is that they don’t work, wasting your time and effort. Be careful whose advice you take.

3. Saves program users both time and money. Most of us are busy and stressed in our lives, so much so that we purchase pre-packaged foods and eat out more often than we should. By preparing simple, healthy and delicious recipes at home, we save not just money, but time also. The money savings from this alone is worth many times the cost of this course.

What If It Doesn’t Work?

All these said, sometimes a course just does work out the way you envisioned. The Anabolic Cooking program includes a 60-day money-back guarantee. That gives you enough time to thoroughly review the course to see if it fits your needs. If you don’t see enough value included, you can still get your money back. This distributor of this eBook has an excellent record in fulfilling requests for refunds as well, which is reassuring. Additional things to know before downloading.


Whether you are a man or woman seeking a better physique, or simply looking for better body fitness, the Anabolic Cooking program will address that. It shows you how to whip up great tasting healthy meals quickly and easily, making it as effortless as possible to get the perfect looking body. This is much cheaper and healthier than eating pre-packaged foods or fast foods that take you away from your goals. Overall, this is a fun and motivating way to eat healthy without with boring foods that may not even be helpful for optimum muscle growth, fat loss and body fitness.

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