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Exercise & Fitness

Exercise & Fitness

The Paleo Factor Review | How To Lose Weight On Paleo


The Key To A Permanent Body Transformation! You started trying to lose weight in hopes of fitting into that pair of jeans. But what you really want is… To wake up feeling a surge of energy that spills over into your business life, your playtime with your kids, and your love life! To get off the bandwagon of crash diets ... Read More »

Honest The Beta Switch Review – Does It Burn Stubborn Fat?


NOTE: “The Beta Switch” is a revamped (and improved) version of the “Female Fat Free Solution” weight loss and cellulite reduction program previously created by the same author. “Female Fat Free Solution” has since been pulled off the market; thus passing the torch to “The Beta Switch” to carry on the “Female Fat Free Solution’s” proud legacy of women’s weight ... Read More »

Adonis Golden Ratio System Review || Adonis Golden Ratio


Adonis Golden Ratio Review : Be The Guy With “That Body” Before launching into what the program is all about, you need to know what it’s based off of. It’s based off of the “attraction ratio”, also known as the Adonis golden ratio – basically, this is the ideal size that each one of your muscles should be in relation ... Read More »

My Bikini Belly Review


Product Name: My Bikini Belly Product Author: Shawna Kaminski Official Website: CLICK HERE How to get a bikini body without doing long, boring exercises and following ridiculously restrictive diet? You will find what you are after with the My Bikini Belly system. It gives you a better body that you’ll be proud to show everyone. The My Bikini Belly program ... Read More »

Andrew Raposo’s Fighter Abs 2.0 System – Our Full Review


Hi and welcome to our review about the Fighter Abs 2.0 program by Andrew Raposo. Like always, this review will be divided into 3 main parts: 1. The basics section that will help you to learn what Fighter Abs 2.0 is all about. 2. The pros and cons section where you will read about the primary pros and cons of ... Read More »

0-6 Pack Abs Review – The Evolution of Core Training

0-6 pack abs review21

Product Name: 0-6 Pack Abs Product Author: Tyler Bramlett and Dr. James Vegher Category: Bodybuilding Official Website: User Rating: Excellent. Editors’ Rating: 92.9/100. Bonus Available: Yes. Cash Back Guarantee: 60 Days Genuine. Shipping Interval: Quick Supply. “Invite Only” Family and Friends SPECIAL OFFER – $19!!! Click Here to Claim Your Discount!!!   The 0-6 Pack Abs System – What is It? The 0-6 Pack ... Read More »

Trouble Spot Nutrition Review || Trouble Spot Nutrition


What Is Trouble Spot Nutrition? It is a program that teaches you about hormones. More specifically, it teaches you how to balance out the hormones that are making you fat. The promise is that you will figure out how to not only burn off fat easier, but to also burn off trouble spots (details here) that have previously held on ... Read More »

3 Week Diet Review || 3 Week Diet System

The 3 Week Diet System

NOTE: This review is an assessment of the product called “3 Week Diet,” which is authored by Brian Flatt. It should not be confused with the product created by Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion which carries the exact same name. Pros This weight loss program would entice you if you want to lose weight quickly, like “12 to 23 pounds ... Read More »

Xtreme no Reviews-Xtreme NO Best Muscle Building Supplement

Xtreme NO Best Muscle Building Supplement

Many of us want to grow bigger muscles and lose more fat. But for many of us this remains a dream no matter how hard we workout and exercise. Healthy supplements are a great way for these types of people to get the results they strive for. Supplements will allow you to train even harder without getting tired. They also ... Read More »

Ben pakulski’s weight training exercises

Ben pakulski's weight training exercises

  Ben pakulski’s weight training exercises Ben Pakulsk is new to the world of fitness products and I’ll admit that until his first, MI40, was recommended on Vince Delmonte’s website I’d never heard of him. If you haven’t either then all you really need to know is that he’s a professional bodybuilder hoping to win the 2012 Mr Olympia and ... Read More »