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eFormula Evolution Review ||An ecommerce training with emphasis on both Amazon and drop shipping

eFormula Evolution Review ||An ecommerce training with emphasis on both Amazon and drop shipping

Hi, Selin  here and welcome to my unbiased eFormula Evolution Review! In this review I will cover the eFormula Evolution course from beginning to end with no detail left out, including the good points, the bad points, and everything in between. So if that is not for you I suggest you lave now, but if you want the honest truth about Steve Clayton, Tim
Godrey, and Aidan Booth’s new product, then please read on.


eFormula Evolution Review – The Basics

eFormula Evolution is the latest eCommerce course put out by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey (and more recently Aidan Booth, an experienced marketer in his own right, has joined the team). You may already know these guys as they have put out other courses in the past including: Niche Blueprint, Niche Blueprint 2.0, Blueprint Project Black Edition, eFormula, eFormula Plus, and now eFormula Evolution. Until eFormula, the Blueprint Team (Steve & Tim) worked closely with the Hermansen brothers who own Store Coach and all of the above have earned millions in online eCommerce sales.

eFormula Evolution continues the trend by offering
quality video and PDF training from start to finisheFormula Evolution Review
and is suitable for everyone from beginners to
expert marketers. The course begins by explaining the basics of eCommerce and, particularly, the drop
shipping method. Dropshipping, as explained in more
detail elsewhere on my website, helps you avoid the costly investment of purchasing wholesale lots in bulk from manufacturers. Instead, eFormula Evolution teaches how to choose products that are “nichey” enough to sell online but with enough interest to be
profitable, the keywords to target, how to find manufacturers, and most importantly, how to find manufacturers that dropship.

In particular, one software tool included with the program – “Ecom Product Finder” integrates with Amazon and randomly pulls product ideas based on criteria you input (such as price ranges). This can be a great brainstorming tool for the initial stages of trying to determine which product to sell.


eFormula Evolution Review – The Training

The course begins with the basics of eCommerce (what it is, how it works, how to get started,etc.) and then progresses (selecting a niche, selecting products, finding manufacturers,obtaining a sales tax license, setting up a online storefront, setting pricing, loading products to the store, advertising, paid advertising, etc.) Each of the above and more comes with extensive video training in a variety of “modules” targeting each section of the course. In addition, you will also receive live training through webinars, and the ability to personally request advice about your particular store and marketing plan throughout the course. In fact, when I participated in eFormula Plus, I received Tim and Steve’s personal email addresses and was encouraged to reach out throughout the duration of the course and received one-on-one feedback regarding my store, product choices, etc.


eFormula Evolution Review – The Tools

In addition to the very detailed training, you also receive a wide range of tools to help you
succeed with your store including, but not limited to:

1) Keyword Blaze – find targeted “niche” keywords
2) eCom Product Finder – find products with this random brainstorming tool
3) Shopping Cart Software – this is a pre-designed storefront that you simply upload to your website (created by the Blueprint Team and exclusive to the course)
4) CrowdForce – software to help you locate “traffic sources” to drive interested buyers / customers to your store
5) Trust Seals – get seals verifying the authenticity of your store to build trust in your customer base
6) Backlink Tools – software to help you rank your website organically
7) PPC Tools – training and tools to help you optimize paid advertising campaigns (optional)


eFormula Evolution Review – Conclusion

I have taken a sneak peak at the course and am familiar with the Blueprint brand and highly recommend eFormula Evolution. Whether you are a beginner or looking to increase sales from an already existing store, Steve and Tim not only have expertise (and have earned millions in online eCommerce, but this course is the only way to get specialized, one-on-one advice from their top-notch team). In addition, they do offer a 60 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. Thanks for reading and I hope you found this eFormula Evolution review helpful.


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