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EZ Robots Review | EZ Robots’s Revolution

EZ Robots Review | EZ Robots’s Revolution

Product Review – EZ Robots

EZ Robots is coming out with a new line of robots, and they are guaranteed to offer a lot more – way more – than your usual toy robots out there. They are called the Revolution robots, namely SIX, ROLI, and JD, and they boast features such as an easy Clip ‘n’ Play technology, an EZ-Builder software, Wi-Fi capability, streaming audio, object tracking cameras, and more.


How Much?

The Revolution JD comes with a price tag of $499. The Revolution SIX and Revolution ROLI, on the other hand, cost $449 each.


Who Would Buy This?

This is definitely going to be purchased by serious collectors of robots. Considering the steep price, this is going to lean more towards those who are willing to spend more than 400 bucks on a robot.


Things We Like

This is not your regular toy robot. It comes with high-end features that will definitely impress those who are into anything high-technology. With three Revolution robots to choose from, you can choose which one interests you most: a humanoid robot, a hexapod, or an all-terrain rover.

We are impressed with the EZ-Builder Software, which is really what makes these Revolution Robots tick. The robots already come with their own unique capabilities and movements, but you can program them to do a lot more, and that is made possible by the EZ-Builder Software, which is touted as the easiest and most powerful robot software in the world today. Behaviors that you can program in your robot include Speech Recognition, Camera Tracking, GPS, and Wii Controller, and these are just a few of them!

The quality of construction and design of these robots are also topnotch. But another great feature is how they can be customized, thanks to its Clip ‘n’ Play technology. All you have to do is get additional EZ Bits, and start clipping away to customize it!

You also get a very intelligent robot in the process. The EZ Robots’ Revolution robots come with the EZ-B v4, which is the world’s most powerful and compact robot brain. The robot’s heavy duty servo motors also offer up multiple degrees of freedom, so the robots can do a lot of things, and are even strong enough to lift heavy loads.


Things We Don’t Like

Ok, let’s get this out of the way, since it is probably the only complaint we have against this product. EZ Robots are definitely not cheap. Since you are likely to spend more than $400, it is safe to say that it is not for the faint of heart (or tight budget).



Since EZ Robots are claimed to be individually tested, there are no guarantees or warranties for this product. EZ-Robot Inc provides them “as is”.


Is It Worth The Money?

Considering the many high-tech features, as well as the customizability of the Revolution robots, avid robot collectors will declare the price to be worth it. Others, however, may beg to differ.



Where Can I Buy?

The EZ Robots’ Revolution line, which is expected to ship in July 2014, are going to be available at the EZ Robots site, as well as other major retailers, including Amazon.


Final Thoughts

Start building and customizing your EZ Robots today, and use these revolutionary robots to play with, learn from, and teach with!

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