Wednesday , 13 January 2021
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Make Women Want You Now Review-3 Things You Must Know
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Make Women Want You Now Review-3 Things You Must Know

How to Make a Woman Want You – 3 Things You Must Know

I have seen it time and time again. A guy sees a girl that he likes and he instantly thinks that he must do everything in his power to please her. If you think this is how to make a woman want you, I have some bad news for you my friend, you are completely and totally wrong! If you want to know how to get the girl, how to be the man she wants, then you must put that romanticized way of thinking aside. There is a very real and legitimate reason why the saying, “Nice guys finish last” has reached legendary status. Because it’s the truth.

To help you understand how your being nice is killing attraction I am going to share 3 things that you should never do, if your goal is to make a woman want you, and give you an alternate course of action.

1. A lot of men, when they are really attracted to a woman, will find any and every excuse to be in her presence. I understand why, however, when you spend too much time with someone, what you are really doing is lowering your own value to that person. By always being around, you are not giving that person an opportunity to use their own imagination about you. The more you are around them, the more chance you have to do or say something stupid, and this will lower her attraction level even more. Instead, you should be very scarce with the time that you share with the woman you want. In the times that you are with her, make sure she has fun and laughs a lot, and then disappear for a while. Make her think of you by not being there all the time.

2. Knowing how to make a woman want you also requires your understanding that compliments should not be given out like candy. The woman you desire should be forced to earn your respect and adoration or she simply will not appreciate it as much. Instead, playfully make fun of her. Not in a way that will hurt her feelings, but make her feel like she is not the most attractive fish in the sea, and this will cause her to try to earn your admiration. Doing this will elevate the level of attraction because she will mentally put herself below you on the social ladder. This automatically makes you appear more attractive to her.

3. Always be respectful to the woman you want. It may seem to contradict my advice to not be nice, however, there is a big difference in being nice and being respectful. Being nice is nothing more than sucking up and nobody respects that. Especially the woman you want make feel attraction to you. If you do not know the difference, I suggest you find out fast, or else you risk looking like a total jerk and not the man she wants to be with.

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Make Women Want You Now download1

Make Women Want You Now download1

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