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SaleHoo Review || Salehoo Dropshipping

SaleHoo Review || Salehoo Dropshipping

Thousands of eBay and Amazon sellers are using SaleHoo to source their products and make a full-time living. If you are looking for an unbiased view of SaleHoo, this SaleHoo review is a must read prior to purchasing the membership.

Basically, SaleHoo is a wholesale directory service that helps you source wholesale products with drop shipping capabilities. The company was launched in 2005 and has over 100,000 sellers using their wholesale directory services.

Before I take this SaleHoo review any further, I want to tell you how I ended up using SaleHoo. For the ones that do not know me that well, I sold a lot of products on eBay, Amazon and (formerly In the beginning, I had trouble finding products to sell and make a decent profit. It was nearly impossible. I was even scammed a few times.

Most of the time, I would find clearance items at local retail chains and try to resell them online. After all of the fees, I made little to no profit. I wanted something more. That is when I saw someone recommending Salehoo on Amazon’s community forums. I decided to join and my life changed dramatically.

SaleHoo helped me source hundreds of wholesale products and assisted me in building relationships with drop shipping companies. With all of the products available, I was able to open my own online store and take my focus off third-party marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Anyways, I wanted to include my personal story in this review of SaleHoo.


After sharing my little story, I can assure you that SaleHoo is legit. Then again, you just met me on the internet, how reliable can that be? Believe me, this was the first question that popped into my head prior to me joining.

Anyways, over 100,000 customers use SaleHoo as their only source for finding wholesale products. If it was a rip-off, why would all of these people keep using the service? Here is feedback from actual SaleHoo members (these people are not paid to give their feedback):


The idea of success is having plenty of patience. You have to be willing to put in a little effort and do your research before buying all sorts of products.

Also, just because I can make money selling a particular product does not mean that you can too. You have to find your own niche and create your own product line. This is the problem on eBay; everyone trying to sell the same thing.


The point of any business is to make a profit. Selling online can be profitable, but it is not as easy as people make it seem. You have a lot of competition online as everyone seems to be selling on the internet these days. Drop shipping is good because you do not need to ship and store the products yourself.

SaleHoo gives you the tools you need to find products and resell them for a profit. They offer 1.6 million products and feature over 8,000 suppliers in dozens of categories. Depending on your niche, product selection and competition, profits will vary. Here is an example of profit margins:


I recommend using Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter to configure your campaigns. These tools are also good for determining how many people search for a particular product or keyword.


I included this cost section to make this SaleHoo as detailed as possible. At the time of writing this review, SaleHoo offers two membership types, a wholesale directory and an online store builder. Unfortunately, each service has its own membership fees and benefits.

Here are the two services:

Product Sourcing and Drop Shipping Directory from SaleHoo:

  • Costs $67/year
  • Access to 1.6 million products and 8,000 suppliers
  • Includes research tools
  • Member forum and personal email & phone support
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Online Store Builder by SaleHoo:

  • Costs between $27/month to $97/month
  • List between 200 to unlimited products
  • 200MB to unlimited bandwidth
  • And many other core features

You can compare the pricing structure of each service by going on the SaleHoo website.


I can probably sit here are give you hundreds of pros in this SaleHoo review, but I will try to keep it short. I am sure you are eager to sign up already. After using SaleHoo for about two years, here is what I think are the major pros of using the service:


From tablets to laptops and video games to clothing, there is a product in just about every category. I think you have an opportunity to improve your existing niche or create a new one with the amount of products available here. Last time I checked, there were 150 product categories. Believe it or not, you will not find a better service, especially for a low $67/year.


You did not expect to have that many products but only a few suppliers, did you? Last time that I used SaleHoo, there were over 8,000 suppliers. These suppliers include drop shippers, wholesalers, liquidators and manufacturers. In order to be listed on SaleHoo, each supplier goes through a strict process to reduce things scamming and counterfeiting. Furthermore, a lot of these suppliers are willing to ship internationally. Shipping internationally has its benefits (more sales, higher profits, etc.).


The service I received here was incredible. Their staff is willing to help you and is actually there to help you succeed. They do not want to see you fail. For example, I was interested in selling video games, so I contacted their support staff. The staff directed me to several suppliers and even game me ideas on increasing my video game sales. Keep in mind that they could have told me to do this on my own as they give you the tools to do so. I thought it was a nice gesture that saved me a lot of time.


Other than the $67/year membership, you will have no startup costs. This will also depend on where you will products (online store or marketplace) and the method of buying products (wholesale or drop shipping). Buying products at wholesale requires you to store the products and ship them yourself. On the other hand, when using drop shipping, the supplier ships the products directly to the customer. Each method has its benefits and success levels. The point is that you have plenty of options.


Your account will not get suspended for buying thousands of products. In fact, you can buy as many products from as many suppliers as you want. Additionally, SaleHoo does not have limitations on the amount of profit you can make. Make a $1,000/day or $20,000/day; it simply does not matter to them. You have a lot of profit potential. I have seen people reselling products for a hefty profit margin of 300% to 400%. The trick again is RESEARCH & PATIENCE.


SaleHoo has a research lab full of reliable tools to help you sell more. These tools can help you see demands, average profit and success rates for products you plan on selling. To be honest, these tools are not the best, but can be very effective.

In addition to the research tools, SaleHoo provides you with extensive training. For instance, you have articles for selling on eBay & Amazon, effective methods for sourcing products, preventing scam, etc.


You have nothing to lose. Your purchase of a $67/yearmembership is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. If you decide that the service is not right for you, simply cancel your membership and get your money back. This is only good for the first sixty days. I think two months is more than enough time to decide if you want the service or not.


SaleHoo has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This rating would not be a perfect one if customers complained. It does tell me two things, customers love SaleHoo or unsatisfied customers do not complain (very hard to believe this one).


Even though I had plenty of success using SaleHoo and think the yearly membership easily pays for itself, I think some things can be improved a little. Throughout my years with SaleHoo, here is what I found to be the cons of their yearly membership:


Advanced search capabilities are almost non-existent. For example, you do not have the option to search for a supplier from a specific location (such as Canada, United States, etc.). You cannot find suppliers that ship during a specified timeframe. For now, you would have to contact the supplier to find this information.

While I would love to see this added to the search, I do not see this as a deal breaker.


It is important to know that you cannot make a profit on every single profit found here. For example, some suppliers offer products that have a profit margin of 15% whereas some products have a profit margin of 300%. The thing about your average person is the fact that they will contact a few suppliers and give up; calling SaleHoo a big rip-off.

As an actual customer myself and creating my own niche, I can assure you that there is thousands of products with high profit margins. You just have to be willing to research and waste some of your time. If you do not possess those traits, you are in the wrong business.

People that fail tend to complain a lot. It is human nature.


Coughing up $67/year for a service that does everything you could do on your own is not going to be appealing to everyone. While signing up for SaleHoo is a much safer route, it is not worth it if you plan on searching for suppliers on your own.

Personally, I joined SaleHoo not because I was lazy to search for suppliers, but I did not want to risk being scammed in the beginning stages of my online business. Deciding if their service is worth it or not will depend on you and your budget.


Finding legitimate products to sell is difficult, especially with all of the scams out there. A vast majority of sellers that try sourcing products from China end up getting scammed with counterfeit products. This is where a service like SaleHoo steps in and eliminates the scamming by providing you with a list of legitimate and certified wholesalers and drop shippers.

Of course, SaleHoo is not a perfect solution. Not everyone is going to cough up the $67/year just to pay for a service that helps you locate wholesalers and drop shippers. If you have plenty of time on your hands and are willing to take risks, a service like SaleHoo will not be worth it.

On the other hand, if you are newcomer and do not have the time to search for products, I recommend you sign up for a service like SaleHoo.

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Review Summary:

SaleHoo is definitely the best place to source wholesale products to resell online. With over one million products and eight thousand suppliers in the directory, every store will be able to find products to sell. The $67/year membership will quickly pay for itself. And with 60 day return policy, there is nothing to lose.

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