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Honest The Beta Switch Review – Does It Burn Stubborn Fat?

Honest The Beta Switch Review – Does It Burn Stubborn Fat?

NOTE: “The Beta Switch” is a revamped (and improved) version of the “Female Fat Free Solution” weight loss and cellulite reduction program previously created by the same author. “Female Fat Free Solution” has since been pulled off the market; thus passing the torch to “The Beta Switch” to carry on the “Female Fat Free Solution’s” proud legacy of women’s weight loss and cellulite reduction success.


  • An all-inclusive, catch-all weight loss and cellulite reduction program for women who are already tired of unhealthy fad diets, expensive workout crazes, and ineffective “miracle” pills and juices. This is a real body transformation program created by a really elite weight loss and fitness coach who holds a real track record of successfully transformed women.
  • Step-by-step, hold-you-by-the-hand approach makes the program easy to execute. You might get lost with all the scientific theories and nutritional concepts, but you will never ever be clueless on what you need to do to shed that weight and rid the cellulites.
  • A unique cheat day strategy integrated in to make the weight loss program more bearable and easier to complete; without disrupting the positive effects of your progress.
  • Authored by one of the most credible and accomplished “living proof” fitness competitor and trainer in the world. She’s a fitness champion (even won competitions at her 40s!) who has coached several other fitness champions; you can’t get any more elite than that.
  • Optimized to address women’s unique weight loss problem areas and needs while also transcending perceived age limitations. Not surprising since the program is created by a lady author who suffered from similar weight loss issues and managed to successfully overcome them herself (still going strong beyond her 40s); something that a male-created program can never fully comprehend.
  • Well-formatted and generous with the use of images. This is highly appreciated since it leads to better readability.
  • Covers dieting, working out, and motivational aspects – the holy trinity of successful weight loss and fitness.
  • Reliable and prompt customer support response got in touch with us within 24 hours and they did so consistently through our several back and forth.


  • Exclusively designed for women. While the website won’t be able to recognize and prevent men from buying the product, guys won’t be able to benefit fully from doing so.
  • Can get a tad bit technical, especially when explaining metabolic processes and diet principles. Really inevitable since the program aims to thoroughly and credibly explain the basis of its methodologies.
  • Packed with a lot of content that information overload and analysis paralysis are strong possibilities.
  • Investment on gym membership, supplements, organic foods, and shakes can be expect and, likewise, expected to put a bit of pressure on your wallet.
  • There are quite a few upsells and recommendations to affiliated products inside the program.


The Beta Switch Key Product Details

The Beta Switch Product LineupThe Beta Switch is the spiritual successor of the very successful Female Fat Free Solution program created by the same author. As such, The Beta Switch is an all-inclusive weight loss and cellulite reduction program specifically optimized to address women’s distinct fitness needs. Building upon its spiritual predecessor, The Beta Switch improves upon the Female Fat Free Solution program by updating the concepts and adding some important features (i.e. recipes for some of the meals).

The Beta Switch is created by one of the best body transformation specialists in the world – Sue Heintze. Hailing from Australia, Sue has won several prestigious fitness competitions (even at age 40, competing against younger challengers with faster metabolisms) as well as training several students to achieve competition level fitness (and win). These feats of fitness excellence have landed her features on prestigious media outlets like Women’s Health, Shape, Oxygen, and Fitness Magazine. Nothing is more credible than a champion who has trained even more champions.

The program starts you off by discussing the diet side of things. Prior to that, though, you’ll get an introductory chapter which shows Sue’s own journey from typical weight-challenged girl, to ordinary fad bandwagoner, to fit and fab individual, to elite fitness champion. Once you are more acquainted with Sue, The Beta Switch diet protocol truly begins.

You’ll discover why the program is called The Beta Switch as it relates to your body’s beta and alpha-receptors as well as their role in the weight loss process. You would then be oriented on how stubborn fats and cellulites work; serving as a take off point in knowing how to combat them.

Once you’re through with the theoreticals, Sue shares 22 super-foods that fight the storage of stubborn fats and the appearance of cellulites. Following that would be the meat of the program – The Beta Switch Nutri-Active Diet Program.
The Nutri-Active Diet Program section contains a detailed account of the 12-week diet protocol, food lists and portion sizes, and supplementation guide; along with other additional and helpful information.

The workout protocol of The Beta Switch program likewise involves a 12-week system that complements and should be done side-by-side with the Nutri-Active Diet Program. The manual contains a list of the equipments you would need for your workout, some program notes and reminders, and a detailed explanation of the workout regimens themselves; separated into 3 distinct phases – Activation, Sculpting, and Acceleration.

The Beta Switch Prices and Packages

$37, Standard Package (listed at $47 but you can get a $10 discount by exiting/closing the video sales page, getting the pop-up window, and choosing to “stay on page”)

  • “The Beta Switch” Complete Package (“Main Manual” e-book, “Quick Start Guide” e-guide, “Diet Tracker Sheets” printable sheets, “Pre-Program Checklist” printable list, “Real Life Stories From Women Like You” e-report, “Supplement Guide” e-guide, “Workout System Manual” e-manual, “Exercise Execution Guide” e-guide, “Workout Tracker Sheets” printable sheets, “Success Tracker” printable sheets, “Exercise Execution Guide“ video files).
  • “9 Day Drop a Jeans Size Diet” e-report.
  • “Boost Your Body Image” e-guide.
  • “Mind Over Matter” e-manual.

Our The Beta Switch Review Verdict

As the spiritual successor to the Female Fat Free Solution, The Beta Switch improved on what was already a great program. This product remains true to its goal as a woman’s catch-all solution to solve weight problems, cellulite issues, and health concerns while adding some needed features that were missing from the previous iteration. On top of that, the whole package does not have any glaring flaws that can be considered deal-breakers. In that regard, a perfect 5 out of 5 stars rating is definitely warranted.

The greatest benefit of The Beta Switch is that, as far as female weight management information are concerned, you are already covered on all bases. The program tackles weight loss, cellulite reduction, fitness, and overall women’s health through its dieting, training, and motivational methodologies. The program is grounded on a solid scientific foundation and is created by one of the most well-respected body transformation professional in the industry. These are all check marks that solidify and accomplish The Beta Switch’s goal of being a women’s all-inclusive solution.

The thing you should we wary about though is that this program only provides the information. That is, the cost of buying this product only covers the information about Sue’s diet and exercise methodologies. That cost does not include gym membership, exercise equipments, organic foods, fitness shakes, and health supplements. Therefore, it’s wise to take those additional investments into account together with the cost of this program before embarking on this weight loss journey full on.

In any case, think about the cost of buying this program as a decent substitute for hiring a personal trainer and a nutritionist; which are both way more expensive. Sue is an elite level body transformation specialist who has created a nutrition and training methodology with a proven track record of success. That makes Sue’s information as credible and effective as any other trainer or nutritionist you’ll meet out there.
Based on those points, we really believe that The Beta Switch is a must-have in any woman’s weight loss and cellulite reduction toolkit.


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