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Product Title : The Code Of Influence
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After reading this book in PDF format and listening the audios and videos, I want to write my review about the code of influence by Paul Mascetta and tell you what this program is about.


The ability to influence people is one of the most decisive factors for getting what you want from people. The ability to influence has overcame the geniueses, has made the most labors feel ashamed, and won over the most resourceful individuals.


Of course Paul Mascetta is much more convincing than me about the importance of influence, he gives many examples from real life, from every area, like business, relationships, workplace, etc and he stresses out how everyone who achieved something meaningful in his life, had to persuade someone in order to achieve it.


But lets let Mascetta talk about that, I will review this products content, price, I will tell you what I liked and what I didnt like about this product, then I will show my oppinion on if it is worthy of being bought by you. Lets start with the content.


Table of contents


I will review only the table of content of the ebook, because audios contain the same thing. The Code of Influence ebook has 456 pages divided in twelve modules like below:


Module one – Introduction


Module Two – Influence


(The truth about Influence, The old world rules, New world rules, New school rules of influence, What makes this program different, The way this program was created, Understanding the mind, Information processing routes, Short term vs long term, The way the program is structured, Part1 persuasion mastery)


Module three – How people are wired

(People dont even know what they want, People become confused very easily, People prefer the path of least resistence, People have different representational systems, Conscious and subconscious)


Module four – The persuasion foundation
(Emotion vs logic, a word about logic, the trigers of mind control, Obligation/reciprocity, Contrast, Holding tightly into surrounding objects, Attraction, People skills, Similarity, Proof, Explicit norms, Implicit norms, Scarcity)


Module five – The first tier of persuasion


Module six – The second tier of persuasion


Module seven – The third tier of persuasion


(The power of questions, Pacing, leading, story telling, Know your purpose, Know your environment, Set the stage, Imagination leads to captivation, Create shock value, Keep it short and to the point, Have someone else pat you on the back, Work on the same level of intelligence, Be as vivid as possible, Switch time zones, One story at a time, Be conscious of the purpose, Proof leads to credibility, If they can relate they will trust)


Module eight – The fourth tier of persuasion


(Overcoming resistance, Reactance resistance, Persuasion in a business setting, Gaining compliance, Keys to maintain your ability to influence, Part2 influence mastery)


Module nine – The ten human needs


Module ten – Personality types


(Openness, Identifying the open type, Conscientiousness, Identifying the conscientious person, Extroversion, Identifying the extrovert, Agreeableness, Identifying the agreeable person, Neuroticism, Identifying the neurotic, Reformer – significane and power, Sceptic – power and certainity, Apprentice – connection and contribution, Detective – power and significance, Mediator – connection and contribution, Entrepreneur – growth and significance, Creative – expression and contribution, Guardian – confort and freedom, Enthusiast – adventure and connection, Motivator – adventure and connection, Pleasure seeker – adventure and freedom, Strategist – contribution and growth, Commander – power and comfort, Romantic – love and connection and significance)


Module eleven – The decision making process

(Thinker, Influencing the thinker, Sceptic, Influencing the sceptic, Follower, Influencing the follower, Leaders, influencing the leader, Enthusiast, Influencing the enthusiast)


Module twelve – Conclusion


Pros and Cons of the code of influence


Here I will mention the pros and cons according to my point of view. Maybe you might like what I didnt or the contrary, but anyway its important to tell you this things here.


What I liked ?


This collection of audios and text is very informative, nothing is led out. I liked the way Paul Mascetta talks about influence. Many people who write on this topic share tricks and quick techniques without realizing that it is the real influence that made tricks and not tricks the influence.


So Mascetta told the truth about the influence, he defined it as a part of who you are as a person and he focused all his information and advices on this correct definition. This is very important because a wrong definition of influence leads to worthless practical information like a wrong calculation in the beginning might lead to wrong conlusions.


Clarity of this book is relly admirable. I hadnt any confusion about anything after reading this book. Everything was understandable and to the point. I really like this because confusion makes me really angry.


But the most important thing is that the lessons inside this ebook are really effective and I experienced some good results from the first day of reading this book. It took me 3 days to read the most interesting parts of this book and everyday that I learned something new I could apply those advices right away, it is amaizing.


What I did not like ?


Even though every part of this book is very important, I would like it to be structured a bit differently. Some Modules are very interesting and some others are less even though they are necessary.


I got a bit tired of reading some modules waiting to reach to the most interesting parts. If it was a short book maybe I wouldnt get tired, but it is really long and I would prefer it to has the most beatiful parts in the beginning then the neccesary ones in the end.


Anyway it is fine. I could not find many things I din not like about the code of influence, but I hope you got the idea of what it is.


Is it worthy of its price


Hence this product costs only 37 dollars I will not talk much here. Usually 37 dollars are too much money to pay for information, but the code of influence can make a difference in your character, in your profits, in your social life and in the critical moments of your life.


Thats why 37 dollars are nothing for the value you get, because it is not just an academic information that you can get everywhere by buying a book in the library or by reading articles online, instead it contains a sharp understanding of how influence works that could not be found everywhere.


Final Words !


I really enjoyed reading the code of influence, that is why I am writing this review. After all Paul Mascetta is a successful persuader because he has written and sold successfully many of those famous books on clickbank, so he really knows what he is talking about.


If you have any question feel free to contact me in any contact form I have shared with you on this blog and I will happily talk with you about this book.


Buying this product from the link I am giving below gives you 7 other products as a bonus as you will see in the offer. This link also gives you 60 days of money back guarantee if you dont like any of the products.


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