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The Diabetes Protocol | The Diabetes Protocol Review

The Diabetes Protocol | The Diabetes Protocol Review

The Diabetes Protocol Review

What if there was an inexpensive, safe and completely natural way to reverse diabetes?

Chances are high that you automatically consider it to be an outright scam. And to be honest I don’t blame you at all. It was pretty much my exact thought when I came across the Diabetes Protocol program for the first time.

After a lot of doubts I decided to buy the product because I could always get my money back within 60 days If i didn’t like it. In the next few minutes we will explore whether or not this program actually delivers on its amazing promises.

Dealing with diabetes in the best possible way is of paramount importance when you consider that more than 29 million Americans suffer from diabetes according to the American Diabetes Association.

“Can I Really Reverse my Diabetes with the Diabetes Protocol Program?”

The Diabetes Protocol Program makes a bold claim: that both Type 1 and Type ll diabetes can be reversed.

This program reveals an unconventional approach to treating the disease, one that does not involve the use of drugs, insulin shots or medical procedures. In fact, the author states that you can go from diabetic or pre-diabetic to being completely free of the disease within only a few weeks if you follow the recommendations of the program.

Although the author appears to be extremely knowledgeable on the matter, I would advise you to be careful with your expectations. Diabetes is a very serious condition and a couple of weeks is a short time considering the condition. Nor do I find it realistic that it will work for everyone. But still, if it would would work for only 25% of the people and takes 10 times as much time on average, it would still be revolutionary in every possible way.

The key to the approach of the diabetes protocol is recognizing that 80% of the glucose that the human body produces has nothing to do with insulin. The kidneys and liver actually release glucose into your bloodstream independently of what you eat, even while you’re sleeping. Dr. Pullman discovered that certain enzymes and proteins caused these organs to produce more sugar -while others had the reverse effect.

“Taking a look inside the Diabetes Protocol Program”

The Diabetes Protocol Program consists mainly of a 138 pages ebook and extensive support to help you with any questions you might have. You can also contact them to get any advice that you might need.

Their program has one main goal: they want you to find out how to take control of diabetes and live a full, healthy and wonderful life. They are convinced that finding out how your body works and making some simple changes enables you to reverse diabetes. According to the Diabetes Protocol Program there is power in knowledge.

You can rest assure that The Diabetes Protocol over-delivers by giving you very extensive knowledge on diabetes. Pretty much any unanswered question about diabetes will be answered in this ebook. Questions like:

  • What is going on in your body that caused your diabetes?
  • what part do certain organs play in your current condition and how can you help them restore a healthy balance?
  • How can you avoid complications that come with Diabetes?

are just a few questions that are answered in the first 30 pages of the book. I must admit that these first 30 pages are very enlightening. Many habits that are intertwined in every day life are actually increasing your vulnerability to diabetes. Some not to difficult changes in your life can increase your resistance to diabetes dramatically.

“The simple changes that enable you to reverse diabetes”

The core of the Diabetes Protocol Program consists of the Solution Therapy which is focused on getting your liver, pancreas and kidneys in the best possible condition. Reducing the toxins that are damaging the liver plays an essential part. The exact approach however depends on which type of diabetes you have.

The sincerity of the author became clear to me when I read their statement that there is no such thing as a magical bullet which will cure your diabetes instantly and prevent it from ever coming back. The author writes that it is all about the right combination of approaches. Despite the commercial video the author seem to be fairly realistic when it comes to diabetes.

The author states that diabetes truly can be reversed and that it is a matter of patience, having the right knowledge and persistence. The goal to reverse diabetes in 19 days however seems a bit to optimistic but maybe I’m a bit to skeptical in general to believe such claims. Who truly cares about reversing diabetes in 19 days however. What if it would take you 100 days to reverse diabetes. Would that still be worth it to you? I doubt there are many diabetic that gladly make some rather simple changes in their life to see diabetes reverse in 100 days.

“The right combination of approaches”

By now you are probably eager to find out what these right combination of approaches are. In the following 100 pages the author takes you on a journey to all crucial elements that will help you get your liver, pancreas and kidneys in the best possible shape. A lot of effort and energy has clearly been put into creating an easy to follow program so that you can realistically do this. Even non-diabetics could increase their health a lot with the diabetes protocol. It is also an excellent way to prevent diabetes.

I will not go into detail on the specific content out of respect for the author but I must say that I’m impressed by what I saw. The program is really well put together and offers a lot of value to its reader.

“Who is the Author and what was his motive to create the Diabetes Protocol Program?”

The creator of The Diabetes Protocol had a very personal motive for developing this program. His own father had part of his leg amputated as a result of diabetes. Dr. Kenneth Pullman was himself diagnosed with Type ll diabetes at the age of 13. This made him resolve to find a cure so he wouldn’t suffer the same fate as his father.

After studying biology at Stanford, he attended medical school and graduated in the top 10% of his class. Pullman has not released this information to get rich. That’s why he decided to sell it at a very low cost, especially in relation to the cost of traditional diabetes treatments. The fact that he is releasing this amazing program for only $29.95 (see discount below) shows that money is not his main motivation, which is a refreshing thing to see.

Dr. Pullman appears to be a true expert in this field and for people with diabetes, or who have a loved one with this disease, the information he is sharing is very helpful.

“Don’t expect a magic pill”

As someone who has studied many alternative health programs, I had reservations about a couple of the things Dr. Pullman says. He promises, for example, that you can continue to eat your favorite foods, including items like soda, french fries and ice cream sundaes.

While you can enjoy treats every so often and remain healthy, you might get the idea from the promotion that you can literally eat junk food all day while curing yourself of diabetes. The program actually does restrict what you can eat, though it does allow you to introduce your favorite foods in moderation. As long as you understand that it will take some self-discipline to follow The Diabetes Protocol, you should have no problems.

Conclusion of the Diabetes Protocol Program

The Diabetes Protocol is not a miracle cure for diabetes. Although many people have used this program to reverse this disease, it does take some effort to implement it. You will have to read the material carefully and actually follow the advice. It’s not hard to do this, but it does require some focus and discipline.

The results, however, are well worth it considering that Dr. Pullman is offering a revolutionary way to reverse diabetes. Compared to what you’d pay for costly medications or insulin shots, the cost of this program is practically nothing. Furthermore, it comes with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.

If at any time within the 60 days you decide that you don’t like the program, you can simply request a complete refund.

Are you ready to finally reverse your Diabetes? Then be sure to get your copy of the Diabetes Protocol Program at the highest possible discount here or by clicking the button below.

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