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How’d you like to see my secret on how to be a cam girl and make a killing in the most lucrative industry.

Consider yourself lucky…. I will show you where to apply and
how to do it to be ahead of the game.

This is FREE information to help you make an intelligent decision.

The  porn is a $97 billion industry, which internet modeling is part of
according to an assistant professor
of sociology at New Mexico State University name Kassia Wosick.

In this business I was able to make $407,213
in just 3 years of hard work.

I’m nothing especial; I just know how to work the business
to my advantages.


This is a list of the ONLY two places I recommend to work as a cam girl.

There are others, but these sites worked for me and I will tell you why.

1. Internet Modeling (Click Here)

This is one of my all-time favorite. It’s the largest network and has over 10 million visitors per day.

They always pay on time every week…. 70% of the revenue goes to the models.

Trust me, with this network alone you will have plenty of business. They have been around since 1998.

Watch the video below about some of our models:

Warning: Most network or agencies in the internet pay ONLY 25% to 35% of the revenue to the models.

This basically mean that if you made $1,000 on a given week, the maximum that you will get is $350.

That’s insane since we do all the work. They provide the clients, but without models there is no clients.

And without clients no one makes any money…

——–So Moving on!!!!!!

2. Mongocams (Click Here)

This is my other favorite website.
I combined this one with Internet Modeling to make 100% of my revenue.

They also pay over 70% of their revenue to the model.

When you become a cam girl with Mongocams they treat you with great respect.

Their system works great with High Definition and customers really enjoy all the shows.

Later I will tell you how I work these two networks and double my earnings while in the internet.

I recommend you sign on to the 2 of them at the same time; try each for a few days

and pick the one you feel more comfortable with.

Watch what one of the model has to say:


Okay!!!! My name is Angela and I am 29 years old (on 2015).

I prefer not to provide my last name due to privacy.

I was born and raise in Boston, MA. I started webcam modeling back in 2006 and retired
on December, 2014.

As you read before, I was able to make $407,213 in just 3 years.

The first thing you need to know about webcam modeling is that you need to know your job.

When you sign on, you need to go and see what the highest earner are doing.

Remember, you will make 40 to 70 percent of your money from returning clients.

The cam girl work is really easy once you get used to it, you don’t

even need to get naked

a lot of times to make money.

Most clients just want to have conversation and be able
to free themselves and talk dirty.

The majority of my clients love my shows (don’t get me wrong)
but a great conversation keep them coming back.

If you have a talent (or not lol) you can use that to your advantage.

By a talent I mean sing, play an instrument, do some split,
turn your legs backward, or whatever it may be.

This people are looking for different things to see or hear.

If you can dance that’s a big plus….

A while back, I was starting to play the guitar.

I was talking to a client of mine and that came into the conversation.

He got interested and wanted me to play on camera for him.

I said no of course because the truth is that I was terrible lol

After a while I decided to play and the feedback was tremendous.

I made about $740 dollars for playing about 1 1/2 hour.

So after that I realized that those people are just looking

for anything simple to have fun.

So ladies do anything you want even if it’s silly for you.

A simple thing can bring you great $$$$$$.

This is what it’s possible on a regular day. It was only 3.8 hours of work as you can see in the following image:

cam girl jobs


It was very simple, you sign up with the two network I mentioned

above and then…..

instead of running one show at a time,

you log into two networks at once.

You will run one chat in one windows and another with the other.

You just set 1 camera for each screen.

Web Cam model

This image is just an example, of course it would be the same person (You) in both cameras showing the exact same thing depending on the cameras’ angle.

You will need 2 cameras, but the reward is worth it.

When you go to a private show in any of the network with a client,

just mute the other one and tell your audience that your boyfriend

is on the phone and you will mute them for a little while.

Tell them you get exited with his voice since he’s in the military and live overseas.

You also tell them to sit back and enjoy the show lol.

The real reason is that you will be talking to your other clients and

don’t want them to know.

Your client time will be running which is what pay the most (Private room)

and the other will think that you’re giving a show while talking to your boyfriend.

How will that make you more money?

The people watching you will start to tip you for your performance.

I made once $1,043 dollars in a six hour show between my client and the tips from the other room.

The most I did was talk, chat and dance in my bathtub lol.

Every day you will have a least 2-4 chances to do this depending on the amount of hours you work.


The requirements to be a webcam model are basically the same across all networks.

– Be 18 years old or over.
– Be friendly and open minded
– Have a scanned ID/passport to prove your identity
– Have a computer with high speed internet access
– Have a good quality webcam (Two in my case)

Like I said, most networks are about the same, but you need to see
what each one ask you to be sure.


That will all depend on how much do you work.

I used to work 8-10 hours a day, 6 days a week.

On average I was making $9 to $13 thousand dollars per month.

I had a $19 thousand dollars month once.

If you work 5 hours, 5 days a week, expect to make between $800

to $3,000 depending on how many clients you have.

If you work 25 hours a week and don’t make a least $500

you got to be missing something (study your competition).

Remember, your main goal is to make clients coming back to you.

Every model has their clientele. You need yours and that’s how
your income increases.

I personally had around 475 clients when I retired in 2014.

Another great thing of having clients is the gift you get from them.

Some networks allow you to have an address so customers send you gifts.

The company will then send you your package to your address.

This is to make sure your identity always remain 100% private.


This is a very easy question.

– Work hard
– Be nice to the customers
– Learn the system
– Be creative
– Have fun

Understand that NOT all the clients on the site are “looking for sex” or are “sexual predator”.

Most people go there to have a nice conversation, be themselves and just enjoy our beauty.

The business is very lucrative and in 8 years I was able to make a small fortune and retire.

I own a condominium complex in Boston, MA and live in South Florida in a 3 bedroom apartment by the beach.

how to be a cam girl

My income property in Boston, MA

how to be a successful webcam model

My 3 bedrooms apartment in FL

My apartment is paid for and I live from the rent generated from my condominiums rentals which is over $14 thousand dollars a month profit.

BUT, do not focus on my accomplishments.

You need to become you and make your own money.

I showed you that so you can see what are some of the things  that can be accomplished.

I can still keep working if I want to.

There are other models who makes much more than that.

Just learn from the training,  competition and make that $$$ lol.


This business was introduced to me by a friend of mine who worked with me at a clothing store.

I was making $135-$145 a week after taxes.

Life was horrible )-;

My friend told me that another friend of her was doing it and making more than that in a day.

We talked and signed on for the business together.

She did it for 3 years and then married and moved to California with her husband.

She was making even more money that me when she left.

I know a lot of women that use this business to pay for college and get a degree.

In our network we have law students, medical students, dental students, engineers and everything in between.

The business is lucrative and is always booming and we take advantage of that.

Below is an image for a two weeks period working different hours. I believe I worked like 35 hours or so on that week:

webcam modeling job

$5982.48 for 2 weeks. Not bad, right lol


This is a perception that a lot of people have, that
you need to be a super model.

In my opinion, everybody is different in their own
different ways.

There is a market for every one.

No matter if you’re white, black, green, yellow, short, tall lol

Many people will love you no matter how you are.

The agencies knows that and that’s why their hiring process is
extremely fair.

Why? Because they make money with every girl.

No matter their ethnicity, race, color or place of origin.

Almost all the companies hire people worldwide.

You will see a variety of girls and that’s what attract so many people.


They keep your information very private.

You can also block any state or country that you don’t want your profile to show.

That way, if anyone you know on that state log in they won’t see your profile there.

I personally didn’t block anything because the chances of someone who knows you find your profile is slim to none.

Besides, blocking a lot of states mean less clients for you.

My father passed away years ago and my mother knew what I was doing.

I have never seen anyone that recognized me from the web.

As I said, the chances are slim to none, but do your own analysis
and follow our gut feelings.

If you have a boyfriend and don’t want to tell him just block the state he live in.

Many girls have their boyfriends and they don’t know what they do.

It’s just a customer service work from home job lol

If you have a husband in the other hand, you will have to
tell him since you live together.

Believe it or not, some women are married and they still works some hours while husband is at work or deployed in the military.

The money temptation is just too great!!!

I am not encouraging you to do that…

You do what you believe is right for you.

You need to treat this like a government clearance
(it’s a need to know basic);

which mean not everyone need to know about it.


This is what I love about the business:

– You work from home
– Your bedroom become your cash machine
– You work whenever you want
– Overtime is not an issue lol
– The pay is really good and is always on time
– You can live anywhere in the world
– You can afford a lot of shoes/clothes lol
– You are your own boss

This is what I don’t like about the business:

– Some people are rude (which I block them)

– To make good money you have to adjust to your
clients’ schedule which is not always an issue for me.

– You get to do things that you’re not 100% comfortable
of doing (Just like in 99% of other jobs out there)


The short answer to that is “No” once you get used to it.

Remember that you’re just talking to your camera and in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Besides, 60 to 80% of the time you will have your clothes on.

You don’t see no one there, just a screen with a list of names.

This job is much easier than being a stripper at a club.

Those girls have to be teasing customer (which we do),
but customers usually like to touch even though they know
they’re not supposed to.

As a stripper you have to smell the alcohol and other bad smell that some people have.

You have a boss that tell you where to go,

who to talk to and what time you have to work (Usually all night).

Overall, their job is much harder than mine.

I respect that though. Everyone make a living in their own way.


If you feel like you need or want to do it, go for it.

It’s a very lucrative business and the rewards are endless.

As mention before, it’s a share of  $97 billion which is $97,000,000,000 dollars a year lol.

That’s more than yearly sales which was $89 billion in 2014.

Remember; treat this as your business and it will pay you like one.

Start slow working a few hours a day, and then work as much as you want, can or need to.

My life changed 1000% for the best and I have no regret.

I don’t know of anyone that was able to retire at 29 years of age like I did.

Go and sign for the two networks I mentioned in this article, I will post the link below this line. It’s 100% free to join. Use them and stay with the one (or both) you feel more comfortable with.

1. Internet Modeling (Click Here)

2. Mongocams (Click Here)

Remember, if you don’t take action, nothing will ever happen for you!

Thank you for visiting my page, it was my personal experience and honest opinion.

I hope it was informative enough to help you
in your decision making.

Please feel free to send me a message in the contact us section.

I will do my best to reply to any message I receive.

God Bess you and I wish the best of luck in your journey!!!



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